Ramon Terry is a native of Atlanta, Ga affectionately known as “The Trainer” because he leaves a lasting impression on every person he challenges. Being raised in an overweight family molded his passion for health and fitness. 

Ramon has been in the physical fitness business since 2001. He trained under local professional sports trainers and acquired three personal training/specialty certifications from ACE Fitness, NASM and ISSA. Furthering his education with studies in injury prevention, nutrition, and culinary arts makes him an exceptionally knowledgeable source in healthy living. As an Atlanta-based professional, Ramon has helped countless individuals add years onto their lives by motivating them to stay focused and dedicated to their health. The result has been stronger, leaner, and all-around healthier individuals.

Ramon’s buzz and experience in injury prevention have attracted a number of professional athletes to turn to him for off-season training and conditioning. Ramon has worked with athletes from Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, La Lakers, and San Antonio Spurs in their off season training programs. He also has an extensive list of celebrity clientele helping them meet goals for film and conditioning for live shows. 

Now he has opened the only training facility at Piedmont Park and, alongside his team of fitness pros, is continuing to fulfill his mission.  Ramon helps people achieve the healthiest version of themselves.

Trust, dedication, passion and experience are the qualifications!